Episode 18: USA, HEY!!!
OAD: 05/31/10
TRT: 1:15:23

0:00 - Heeeeeeere's Josh!

0:57 - Josh's Opening Monologue takes aim at Memorial Day...

2:21 - ...Quit Facebook Day

3:33 - ...No Facebook in Pakistan
(link) and Mizraab (link)...

4:31 - ...Abu Dhabi banning "Sex in the City 2"

5:51 - ...the death of pint-sized actor Gary Coleman

7:34 - ...the death of normal-sized actor Dennis Hopper

9:24 - ...the Chinese tobacco industry

9:59 - ...Jennifer Aniston's baby food diet (

11:39 - ...the sensitivity of college students

12:09 - ...the Crossbow Cannibal

13:22 - ...dookie-spraying pickpockets

14:15 - ...and the similarities of Labatt Blue and sex in a canoe!

16:20 - Josh doesn't want to do the FanLine!

16:58 - Josh is worried that he is the next victim in the Celebrity Death Trifecta!

18:53 - Josh and Fudgie talk about their falling out with Dumper from Fort Dix!

25:53 - During the Weekly Sponsor segment, Josh and Fudgie GO DEEP...WITH THROATERS!

34:15 - Josh and Fudgie describe the patriotic tattoos they are going to get for patriotism!

42:52 - The boys angrily call amateur tattoo artist/Radio Shack employee/intern Kent the Intern and accuse him of sabotaging their show!

51:35 - While in-studio defending Kent the Intern, the abilities of Chaz's band Angels 'N Demons are called into question!

53:55 - Josh and Fudgie decide to tattoo each other...but who will go first?

54:31 - Josh and Fudgie draw straws to see who will call it in the air to learn who will cut the cards to determine who will roll the dice for the honor of picking first out of the rock, paper, scissor box in order to find out who gets tattooed first!

64:44 - Fudgie, a tattoo virgin, screams in pain, and begs Josh to stop!

68:19 - Josh won't let himself be tattooed after the way Fudgie reacted, and Fudgie reacts badly to Josh's broken promise!

69:13 - Chaz breaks up the argument with a special segment...PATRIOTIC KARAOKE!

72:01 - Josh, Fudgie and Chaz sing "Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue (The Angry American)" by Toby Keith before wishing their listeners a HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY!