Episode 06: Holiday Popcorn Tins!!!
OAD: 12/21/09
TRT: 1:08:09

0:00 - PREVIOUSLY on The Feeko Factor

2:37 - Billy and Christian apologize to the Asian American Anti-Defamation League

3:40 - Chaz Chiodo chides the childish chomping of the Feekos during their apology

4:17 - Billy and Christian plug HOLIDAY POPCORN TINS!

6:44 - The Feekos remind Josh Justice that their war with him is still on...but will continue after the Holidays.

7:40 - Billy counters Christian's proclamation of anti-racism with various clips of him deriding Polish Americans.

10:11 - The Feeko Brothers Discussion of James Cameron's AVATAR.

15:59 - Billy and Christian plug HOLIDAY POPCORN TINS!!! Again!

18:49 - The Feekos get fed up with their poor Comcast internet service, and decide to give them a call.

22:05 - Christian and Billy talk to Lloyd...or was it Floyd?

31:35 - Christian and Chaz get transferred to Laverne...or was it Shirley?

34:55 - Christian, Billy and Chaz get transferred (again!) and talk to Stephanie...and piss her off.

43:01 - THE FEEKOS SCORE CHEAPER INTERNET!!!'s still slow? The Feekos declare WAR ON COMCAST!

46:23: "Gift of the Feeki" by O. Feeko

54:55 - Billy and Christian re-gift a HOLIDAY POPCORN TIN to an ungrateful Chaz.

57:00 - Christian looks forward to his family's Christmas traditions.

59:36 - Billy announces he is leaving the show early to go to rehab.

60:51 - Billy leaves, and "The Christian Alsis Show" fizzles. Chaz assists Christian in throwing to a commercial.

61:57 - HOLIDAY POPCORN TIN commercial featuring Holiday Popcorn Tin inventor Elmer Pickaninny.

63:45 - Christian and Chaz talk to Billy who is calling from "rehab".

66:19 - Chaz is skeptical about Billy's "rehab" stay, and Christian throws up about 14 pounds of Holiday Popcorn.