Episode 05: The Prodigal Show Returns!!!
OAD: 12/7/09
TRT: 1:01:19

0:00 - Previously on The Feeko Factor

3:45 - Billy apologizes for his behavior during our La Salle 56 appearance on “The Studio”

9:22 - Billy drops a bombshell...he's checking into rehab. Not right now, but when he gets the time.

11:02 - Christian sets up La Salle Clips, and when they don't play Chaz gets reamed

12:40 – The Feekos discuss the ratings on “The Feeko Factor” being down.

14:45 - Chaz talks about his Thanksgiving and advises The Feekos to get their swine flu vaccine

17:40 – Chaz has healthcare?

18:11 – Chaz recommends “Just Joshin' with Josh Justice” and The Feekos kick him out of the studio.

21:15 - The Feekos vow to fire Chaz if he gives them the swine flu

22:37 - Discussion of the Bird's Eye View screenings this weekend at the PHIT
Bird's Eye View Movie Site:

28:38 - Bird's Eye View trailer.
See it here:

31:26 - More Bird's Eye View Discussion

36:13 - Billy and Christian compare the two NOT JUST PIZZA commercials

The ORIGINAL Not Just Pizza Commercial:

The NEW Not Just Pizza Commercial:

Not Just Pizza's OFFICIAL Website:

48:01 - "Smoove" by Burley Grimes off The Burley Grimes Mixtape
Here More at
For More Info on Aaron Hertzog's comedy go to
And check him out on the new NBA-themed podcast, Holding Court Podcast at

53:45 - THIS DAY IN HISTORY: The Feekos discuss Pearl Harbor Day

56:53 - We take a call from noted Japanese American historian Hiroshima Nagasaki

60:43 - The Feekos declare war on Josh Justice after his sneak attack!