Episode 16: HIGH, HIGH!!!
OAD: 04/19/10
TRT: 1:26:07

0:00 - Josh and Fudgie thank God for the second episode of The Feeko Factor with Josh Justice!

2:59 - Josh opens the FanLine to some very angry callers! Including Dumper from Fort Dix...

5:17 - ...High Guy from Humboldt County, California...

7:17 - ...and Sam from Hollywood, who even threatens to kill Josh and Fudgie!

9:56 - Josh and Fudgie fulfill a charitable obligation to the Philly Improv Theater ( during the Charitable Obligation segment!

10:40 - Josh talks about auctioning off a guest spot on The Feeko Factor during the PHIT Sketch Fundraiser Show!

12:37 - Josh rips Greg Moleman (sp?) for mishandling the auction and giving away the interview for $25 to Dominic Muskeegee...or is it Mostshitty? Neither?

15:27 - Kent the Intern comes in-studio to talk about coincidentally going to high school with the auction winner!

17:09 - Kent tells a pretty shitty story from his high school days!

24:01 - Dominic Moschitti, the winner of the PHIT Fundraiser Auction, joins Josh and Fudgie!

24:41 - Dom vs. Tom! Muskeegee vs. Mostshitty!

27:04 - Josh and Fudgie ask Dominic for the money, and Dominic explains charity to them!

31:19 - Hair Bugs/Bears Hug/Bare Hugs/Bare Hug Discussion! (

32:40 - Josh and Fudgie confront Dominic about pooping his pants in high school!

37:30 - Dominic admits he farted and something MIGHT HAVE come out!

39:19 - Dominic joins Josh and Fudgie during their original, trademark, unique LOST discussion segment...LOSTalk!

46:32 - Josh leaves mid-LOSTalk to avoid spoilers!

50:21 - Dominic, fed up with Josh and Fudgie's ridicule, hangs up!

51:59 - This Week's Sponsor: BLAZE Potato Chips! "Betcha Can't Eat Just One...Bag!" And speaking of blaze...

54:55 - Josh and Fudgie wish everyone a HAPPY 4/20-EVE!

56:39 - High Guy joins Josh and Fudgie, and can't remember ever being angry at the King of Radio!

59:48 - High Guy enjoys Blaze Potato Chips, and Josh and Fudgie enjoy some Felonius Skunk!

63:20 - Josh, Fudgie and High Guy talk about their favorite stoners!


69:31 - High Guy struggles to remember tomorrow is 4/20...and not Christmas!

71:20 - High Guy harshes everyone's mellow talking about Hitler, Columbine, mortality, Heaven, Hell and fat kids falling down!

76:15 - Chaz comes in-studio to call down Josh and Fudgie who are supremely paranoid. He also admits to being an uber-stoner!

81:22 - Josh and Fudgie say goodbye to High Guy wishing him a Happy HIGHliDAZE!

82:35 - Josh and Fudgie, now bugging out, call Sam from Hollywood to make sure he isn't planning on murdering them!

85:35 - A final HIGH, HIGH from Josh and Fudgie!