Episode 14: The Bill Cosby Sweater Experience!!!
OAD: 03/08/10
TRT: 1:25:56

0:00 - After a short-high-anus, "Just Joshin' with Josh Justice": Live from Josh Justice Studios in Shittenhouse Square, Philadelphia™ continues!

3:30 - Josh opens up the "Just Joshin' with Josh Justice" FanLine™ to Dr. Harold Gunt, Dumper from Fort Dix, High Guy from Humboldt County, Carol from Essex Junction and Sam Sero from Hollywood

8:17 - Josh and Fudgie talk OSCARS with Sam from Hollywood during OSCARtalk™!

18:10 - Josh and Fudgie recap the last few episodes of LOST Season Six Episode One during LOSTalk™!

25:50 - Josh and Fudgie give their Top 5 most bangable hotties during their new segment: "Just Joshin' with Josh Justice" Top 5 Bangable Hotties™!

32:15 - Josh opens the FanLine™ for Dumper and Dr. Harold Gunt's Top 5 Bangable Hotties™!

38:01 - Josh makes a special announcement during their extra special announcement segment: "Just Joshin' with Josh Justice" Special Announcement™!

40:29 - Josh and Fudgie say their final goodbyes to the "Just Joshin' with Josh Justice" audience!

42:50 - The Fee---well, Billy and Christian celebrate the news that "Just Joshin' with Josh Justice" is going off the air!

46:20 - Billy and Christian explain that recent circumstances have made the ratings for "The Feeko Factor" rise, as evidenced by The Network's Live Ratings Meter™!

48:12 - Rising Ratings Reason #1: The recent Long Winded Larry/Ramblin' Ronnie news coverage. (Hear here:

48:21 - Rising Ratings Reason #2: On March 2nd, The Feeko Brothers celebrated their 2 Year Anniversary! (See how bad we were here:

49:10 - Rising Ratings Reason #3: featured our podcast on the front page of their podcasts section the other week. (Find out what a Zune is here:

50:28 - Rising Ratings Reason #4: Starting to get some attention. Read a gre...well, a a review of "The Feeko Factor" here:!

52:28 - Proving that any press is good press, ratings for "The Feeko Factor" continued to rise despite The Feeko Brothers most recent disastrous appearance on La Salle 56.

55:20 - In a battle between The Feeko Brothers and The Ficco Brothers for the pronunciation of the name Feeko/Ficco, the REAL Ficco Brothers proved too much for...THE BILL COSBY SWEATER EXPERIENCE!

58:46 - Billy doesn't want to talk about his mother's obvious obsession with Josh Justice!

59:51 - The Feek---oh, right...The Bill Cosby Sweater Experience talk to the traitorous pig Sam Sero!

66:20 - Christian murders a puppy! THE RATINGS GO THROUGH THE ROOF!

69:05 - Dr. Gunt calls into "The Bill Cosby Sweater Experience Factor" to talk about the most recent Network shake-up. Which is...

73:16 - Billy and Christian are out, Josh and Fudgie are in!

75:13 - In a last ditch effort, Long Winded Larry calls in and admits to the murder of Ramblin' Ronnie! THE RATINGS SOAR!

78:15 - Dr. Gunt insists that Larry's confession is "too little, too late", and gives Billy and Christian 5 minutes to end the show.

82:22 - Billy and Christian fire Chaz, and their boss, Chaz, fires them right back!

84:20 - Billy and Christian savor the final seconds of "The Feeko Factor"!

85:34 - Chaz ends the show in typical "Feeko Factor" fashion...