Episode 12: RIP Ramblin' Ronnie!!!
OAD: 02/15/10
TRT: 16:25

0:00 - "Just Joshin' with Josh Justice" postponed for a Special Announcement on The Feeko Factor.

1:35 - The Feekos brace their "audience" for some bad news...

3:40 - The Feekos welcome Long Winded Larry in-studio, and he spills the bad news...

4:13 - Ramblin' Ronnie is missing! (Presumed dead)

4:48 - Larry confirms the police reports that Ronnie went missing somewhere between the Dominican Republic and Cuba

5:55 - Long Winded Larry talks about the gag order placed on his during the length

7:44 - Chaz comes in to offer his condolences, and sets up a clip of Ramblin' Ronnie and Long Winded Larry singing karaoke mere hours before his disappearance

10:12 - Billy and Christian don't force Larry to cry over Ronnie...they merely suggest it...strongly

10:59 - Larry has an unfortunate slip of the tongue...probably not the first time if you know what I mean

11:58 - Long Winded Larry and the late Ramblin' Ronnie sing a karaoke version of Elton John and Kiki Dee's classic song, "Don't Go Breaking My Heart"

RIP Ramblin Ronnie...You Will Be Missed...By Some