Episode 09: Let's See How Far We've Come!!!
OAD: 01/25/10
TRT: 1:10:52

0:00 - Previously on "The Feeko Factor"

2:15 - The Feekos chide Chaz for letting Josh Justice do the "Previously on The Feeko Factor" bit

3:14 - The Feekos discuss the changes to the show

6:34 - The boys plug this week's sponsor..."Just Joshin' with Josh Justice"

9:45 - "Impromptu" discussion of The Feeko's feelings of the Network's decision

12:12 - Billy informs Christian of his new musical obsession...Matchbox 20's "How Far We've Come"!

16:59 - The Feekos begrudgingly plug "Just Joshin' with Josh Justice" again

20:14 - Christian and Chaz surprise Billy by singing him "Happy Birthday"

24:27 - Christian surprises Billy with a call from his second favorite lead singer of his second favorite band, Paul Rodgers

33:08 - Billy calls back Paul Rodgers doubting the validity of his call, coincidentally Christian is out of the room

38:18 - Christian reminds everyone to enter the Feeko Brothers Feeko Factor Valentine's Day Gay Cruise Giveaway (go to and enter your name in the contest on the discussion board)

39:20 - Billy talks about why he hates his birthday and Christian mentions Dick Legs Leno by My Cousin Keith

45:30 - THIS DAY IN HISTORY and hung/hanged discussion

50:27 - Disgustedly downtrodden, The Feekos again plug their nemesis, Josh Justice


60:45 - The Feekos are pranked AGAIN!

63:53 - Final JJWJJ advertisement of the hour. Check out JJWJJ on Mondays at 8 PM! Be there or be queer!

65:25 - The Feekos are beyond depressed, but Christian offers an antidote to ennui...

67:27 - "How Far We've Come" cover by Chaz Chiodo's Angels 'N Demons