Episode 08: TEAM FEEKO!!!
AD: 01/18/10
TRT: 59:39

0:00 - Previously on The Feeko Factor

1:26 - The Feekos welcome everyone to TONIGHT'S SHOW!

2:31 - The Feekos inexplicably spend time debating how to pronounce T.V.

4:03 - Christian explains Twitter to Billy

7:10 - The Feekos apologize to homosexuals.

9:10 - Long-Winded Larry fills our voicemail with complaints, requests and SHOCKING REVELATIONS!

14:08 - The Feekos urge listeners to enter the Feeko Brothers' Feeko Factor Valentine's Day Gay Cruise Giveaway (Go to the discussion board at to enter!)


16:17 - Chaz brings in an Angels 'N Demons cover of "Beth" by Kiss, and instantly regrets playing it for The Feekos.

20:09 - Dr. Harold Gunt, the President of the Network, calls in. The Feekos are cautiously skeptical!

23:18 - The Feekos shill for this week's sponsor, TOOTH FAIRY, opening January 22nd nationwide! (For more info on TOOTH FAIRY, go to

29:31 - "Work Like That" by The Great Vibration

32:30 - Sounding eerily similar to Long-Winded Larry, Ramblin' Ronnie calls in with similar complaints, requests, and SHOCKING REVELATIONS!

38:55 - The Feekos discuss a recent news story about THE MAN WITH THE WORLD'S LARGEST PENIS! Each follow with HILARIOUS jokes about being the aforementioned man. (To read along with The Feekos go to

40:33 - The Feekos break down the CONAN/LENO LATE-NIGHT WARS!

44:50 - Dr. Harold Gunt calls in for a second time, and has some sobering news for The Feekos.

54:30 - The future of The Feeko Factor is discussed.

56:23 - The FIRST AND ONLY encore for Angels 'N Demons